Our School


The South Coast Chinese Language School Inc. (南岸中文學校was established in June 2002 and since then has expanded to four school locations in the Illawarra area. In addition, a customized & Individual Tuition is also available. 


The school aims to develop and maintain children’s Chinese language skills, culture awareness and knowledge. We are committed to cultivating children’s long-term interest in the learning of the Chinese language. The curriculum is based on the Model Program and NSW Chinese K-10 Syllabus which provides a general scheme for the language and cultural learning across five distinct levels for all community languages schools throughout New South Wales.  The program also recommends a variety of activities, games and exercises to enhance the students’ learning experience. 


An important objective of the school is to encourage and promote the learning of Chinese language through daily life contents to our children aged between 4 and 16. Children are taught to speak, read and write Mandarin in an innovative and fun learning environment.  Our professional, university-educated teachers in the school are native speakers, qualified and well-knowledged in the Chinese language and culture.